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What's a RE3EL?


(1)an individual(s) who practices "RE3ELISM."  (2)One who is improving themselves mentally and physically to change or be apart of a change with good intent   (3)One who lives within the pressures of society and survives within them, without being meek  (4)One who is willing to take risks to see such necessary change(s) become effective.



RE3ELISM(reb•el•is•mm):    (1)To show and give love, respect and knowledge to all who are only willing, to equally do the same, in return.  (2)To teach youth how  to be and do better, than the one who teaches them.  (3)Never look down on the less fortunate, who you may consider a brother or sister (with or without relation. (4)To never give up priorities/goals in times of hardship, to be fearless against all odds.


Why is there  a "3" spelled into "REBEL"?

3(three): The "3" is significantly placed in the middle of "RE3EL(REBEL)" to symbolize the acknowledgment of the "Third Eye" within the spiritual world. To also symbolize the strength the impoverished/forgotten have, if they look within

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